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Carte des actions de l'AP-HP à l'international -
AP-HP, Greater Paris University Hospitals, the largest hospital group in Europe, delivers quality medical care, research and education each and every day across the Paris region at its 39 hospitals. Since 2013, we offer personalized care for international patients through special financial procedures, medical care, logistical help and translation services.

Where health care, teaching and research meet
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We mobilize our extensive expertise to treat patients with complex medical needs. AP-HP proudly offers:
●    39 hospitals cover all medical needs, from conception to senior care
●    571 services provided across 118 departments
●    100,000 dedicated professionals at the service of patients including 18,000 physicians and 57,000 caregivers
●    21,000 beds
●    300 operating rooms and 50 operating theaters
●    2016 day clinic availabilities for chemotherapy, rehabilitation, dialysis, etc.

Every year, our internationally renowned teams offer advanced treatments in all medical disciplines to eight million patients, including:

●    5.2 million medical consultations
●    1.3 million hospitalizations (10% of all hospitalizations in France)
●    1.34 million medical emergencies (1 visit every 30 seconds)
●    40,000 births
●    334,000 surgeries
●    2,404 transplants

Internationally-recognized leader in clinical research and education

For more than 50 years, research has been an integral component of our quality medical offering. Our hundreds of researchers have contributed to numerous medical discoveries and more than 9,000 publications, accounting for 40% of medical research publications in France. As the first-ranked center for biomedical research in Europe, AP-HP is the largest center in Europe for clinical trials (over 500 per year) with almost 40,000 patients included in 999 research programs and 16 clinical investigation centers.
We collaborate with 7 universities to train 5,400 medical professionals per year, including foreign doctors, through:
●    7 medical, 2 dental and 2 pharmaceutical faculties
●    40 specialized training institutes for professionals (including operating room nurses, nurse-anesthetists, chief nurses, etc.)

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